Aug 21: Seeing Past Depression

Do you have trouble finding energy or motivation? You may wonder why life is at a standstill for you. Perhaps you compare yourself to others who seem to live happier lives or judge yourself for not making the changes you know will help you out.

Welcome to a workshop where you will have the time and guidance to understand more deeply what’s keeping you from a more fulfilling life. Facilitated by simple, creative exercises based on a systems-based therapeutic approach called IFS, this is the time and place for you to be with the stuck parts of yourself with openness, curiosity and compassion.

Take the first step and connect to your inner wisdom and help yourself move forward.

Workshop Plan

  • Take part in a creative exercise designed to encourage an open and empowered state of mind (no artistic ability needed)
  • Approach and understand yourself through the lens of ArtIFS
  • Group discussion

Materials will be provided.

Time: Sunday, August 21, 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Location: Dance Attic Studios, 368 North End Road, London SW6 1LY (map)

Buy tickets here. Pre-registration is required as places are limited (Early Bird prices available online).