Oct 23: Creative Problem Solving

Take a part of your life you’re curious about or struggling with and find out how much you really know about it.

Our minds carry more information than we think. In this workshop, you’ll be able to map out anything relevant to a topic that’s important to you. This is a time and place for you to compassionately invite your mind to open itself fully so you can identify and communicate with the voices behind the pro and cons lists and the back-and-forths dilemmas.

You’ll be able to see further and wider to arrive at solutions that truly honour your wellbeing and personal values, facilitated by creative exercises based on a systemic therapeutic approach called IFS.

There is no reason to stay stuck for longer than you want to be. Connect to your inner wisdom and help yourself move forward.


• Take part in a set of creative exercises designed to encourage an open and empowered state of mind (no artistic ability needed)
• Approach and understand your own topic of focus through the systems-based, creative lens of ArtIFS
• Learn to use effective communication skills within your own mind to help yourself arrive at solutions that represent all of you
• Group discussion

Materials will be provided.

Price – £35. Save £15 in total if you also invest in our Letting Go of Emotional Burdens workshop, running on 30/10/2016.

Location – Lingfield Room, Wimbledon Village Hall, The Ridgeway, SW19 4QD

Buy tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/creative-problem-solving-tickets-28525305958
Pre-booking is required as places are limited