About ArtIFS

ArtIFS is a creative framework born out of the union between art and a ground-breaking therapeutic method called Internal Family Systems (IFS). Its practical toolkits provides professionals, creatively interested individuals and those seeking self-improvement with an accessible, accepting and jargon-free creative process that can inspire, heal and deeply relax the mind. ArtIFS is built upon IFS  systems thinking  processes as well as the growing literature of art therapyself leadership and IFS.

Participants working through an ArtIFS process learn to discover and interpret their own inner psychological relationships and draw their own conclusions about them. It’s a highly empowering and creative journey that encourages participants to become the mindful and compassionate leaders of their own lives. All ArtIFS programs and working packages are designed to build life-long skills that are widely applicable across different avenues of work and life and to be easily practiced individually or in a group.

ArtIFS accepts and operates upon a core belief of IFS called “Self”:

This is the belief that … everyone is at their core a Self containing many crucial leadership qualities such as perspective, confidence, compassion, and acceptance.

Richard Schwartz, PhD

All ArtIFS work is aimed at helping participants to enable and release these naturally inherent leadership qualities within themselves. We believe the final goal already resides inside of each participant in the form of the individual’s Self, who already knows what is best for him or her. Our activities are designed to bring participants closer to this personal core through concrete and non-judgmental creative exercises.

For this reason, there is absolutely no requirements on participants in terms of creative ability. The only thing that matters is the willingness to participate, be open to ourselves, and learn.

Life is a journey, not a destination.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Nadine Menezes is an experienced Creativity Coach and an IFS Practitioner who has always been passionate about exploring the deeper mysteries of life and enabling others live fulfilling lives. After 4 years at medical school, she realized she wanted to pursue a path that felt truer to herself so she took a leap and left to explore her creative side. Her own journey since has involved photography, art, indie game development collaborations and even horticulture. She loves developing new possibilities and working with both clients and organisations. Read more about her IFS practice on NadineMenezes.com.


Andreas Michael (MSc, BSc) is a trained IFS Practitioner helping his clients lead their discovery and understanding of themselves while working to release self-limiting constraints. He has been working with the IFS model on a daily basis since 2014. He uses IFS for a variety of symptoms, including depression, anxiety, constant tension, anger management, lack of motivation, low self-esteem and addictions. Read more about his IFS practice on SelfLedYou.co.uk.