Working Sessions

An ArtIFS working session is a time slot of 60-90 minutes where you’ll have the opportunity to work intensely with yourself to:

  • Discover new sides of yourself
  • Help yourself understand your unique psychological make-up
  • Notice patterns of thoughts and behaviour that, until just then, were unconscious or automatic
  • Better integrate adverse life experiences and find ways to live with them in positive and kind ways
  • Start to see yourself and your different sides in a more helpful and empowering light
  • Slowly build up your own inner resources by starting to improve your own internal leadership skills: emotional troubleshooting, effective inner dialogues (“thinking”) and facilitating high quality decision-making processes

Using the most basic creative tools, you help yourself make what’s most important to you concrete, tangible and actionable.

Whether you’re looking for relief from traumatic experiences, develop your own leadership, or need a new way of analysing a complex situation, ArtIFS can help you make sure that you’re using 100 % of your capacity and wisdom to do and be your best.

Telephone / Video Sessions

We also offer consultations by regular telephone and video conference apps such as Skype.